The Tube Tag

The Tube Tag

Finally, a Sling Tag That Won’t Come Off.

The Tube Tag is a revolutionary new sling tag that makes traditional tags obsolete. 4-sided and ultra-durable, the tag fully captures the metal rope of the sling so it will never come off. Important information about the product, company, and/or equipment can be engraved on all four sides of the tag, and each tag can be custom-manufactured to fit any size of cable.

Traditional 2-sided tags attached by a clip or cable are simply not durable enough for many industrial environments, which can cause frustration and downtime in the field due to tags coming off the sling. And the financial impact of loose or lost tags can be significant.

That’s why we invented the patent-pending Tube Tag, combining the readability of a stainless steel tag with the most reliable attachment method ever created. The Tube Tag is the solution to your durable tagging needs.

Group of OTS TTT laying on ground
Two stacked TTT with white background

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