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With over 50 years of experience with tags and nameplates, the Etched team combines great people, essential technology, and world-class manufacturing to drive innovation in the manufacturing and rigging industries. We ensure our customers never run out of tags or nameplates, priding ourselves on extremely fast lead times and unique supply chain solutions.

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Stainless steel or aluminum nameplates are common in oil and gas, flow control, lifting and rigging, power, transportation, and military applications. Designed to communicate crucial information about your equipment, we can create durable, readable nameplates that will last for years, even in harsh industrial environments.

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Industrial tags can be used to identify machinery, communicate serial numbers or safety instructions, and improve the overall quality and efficiency of your worksite. Our resilient metal tags combine durability with functionality to create a customized and long-lasting solution.

The lifting and rigging industries use sling tags to label and identify slings, and communicate important information like load capacities, inspection dates, and more. We create customized sling tags that allow our customers to better keep track of equipment usage, adhere to maintenance requirements, and ensure worksite safety.

Elevate your commitment to safety standards and regulatory compliance with durable metal plates. Our plates can be customized to include essential safety guidelines, compliance information specific to your industry, equipment specifications, and more.

Our durable and readable custom control panels can include specific functions, warnings, or branding, communicate operating instructions, and add value and efficiency to your worksite.

Etched’s industrial cable ties do more than just secure cables–they can be custom printed to include serial numbers and can be used as tag attachments or inspection tags. Our cable ties are durable and strong, and will remain readable for years to come.

Our durable data plates combine crucial information with resilient craftsmanship. Your customized plates will provide a resilient and permanent solution for displaying crucial data in various industrial applications, including serial numbers, specifications, safety information, and more.

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