Tags, Nameplates, and Control Panels for the Hearth and Home Industry

Our Hearth and Home Solutions

Durable custom metal tags and plates can contribute significantly to the functionality and aesthetics of the hearth and home industries. In this sector, where fireplaces, stoves, and home heating systems are a primary focus, Etched tags play a crucial role in providing essential information about products, including model numbers, safety instructions, and maintenance guidelines. Beyond this functional application, Etched tags and plates can enhance the brand identity of manufacturers and serve as informative markers that contribute to the safety, usability, and overall appeal of your products.

Products for the Hearth and Home Industry

Lighting Instruction Plates

Etched creates custom ANSI, CSA, ETL, and OMNI-compliant lighting instruction plates, warning tags, and log placement plates for heating and hearth manufacturers.

Industrial Tags

Industrial tags serve as essential identification markers, facilitating streamlined tracking, documentation, and maintenance processes in the industry.

Compliance and Safety Plates

The industry has strict regulations when it comes to safety, so durable and readable plates are essential for ensuring compliance to regulatory bodies.

Control Panels

Control panels help operators effectively and safely use complex machinery and other equipment, which is crucial in the industry.


Industrial nameplates play a crucial role by clearly identifying components and equipment, ensuring efficient traceability, maintenance, and compliance with stringent industry standards.

Data Plates

Stainless steel or aluminum custom data plates are a robust and effective way to identify your equipment and display crucial information.

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