The Tube Tag Buyer’s Guide

The Tube Tag

For years, workers in the lifting and rigging industry have been frustrated by traditional sling tags, which are attached by wire and can easily be ripped off during normal use. With 50 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, our experts saw that frustration and developed an innovative new sling tag solution called The Tube Tag–which won’t fall off, ever.

In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ve assembled more information about what The Tube Tag is, how it works, and why it may be the right solution for your worksite.

What is The Tube Tag?

The Tube Tag combines the durability and legibility of a traditional etched stainless steel tag with a new and much more secure attachment method. Instead of relying on cables or clips to keep your sling tag on, The Tube Tag is integrated into the assembly of the sling. The tag consists of a square metal sleeve that completely surrounds the wire rope, meaning it won’t come off even in the harshest environments.

Installation options for The Tube Tag

We offer two varieties of The Tube Tag:

  • Over the Sleeve (OTS): This is the more popular installation option. Our OTS Tube Tag is designed to fit just over the sleeve after it’s been swaged. Two tabs on the sling tag are then formed down to secure it to the sleeve. With this option, The Tube Tag stays out of the way and won’t slide on the sling.
  • Over the Rope (OTR): With this option, the sling tag is installed over the rope but under the sleeve, leaving it free to float on the sling or be attached to the sleeve with aircraft cable.

How is The Tube Tag different from traditional sling tags?

In addition to the unique installation method, making The Tube Tag much less likely to fall or be ripped off the sling, The Tube Tag incorporates four sides that information can be printed on. This leaves more real estate for important information such as warnings, websites, location information, logos, and more.

Why is having a more reliable sling tag important?

Sure, it may be frustrating when your traditional sling tags keep falling off–but is it really crucial to replace them with a better solution? Companies around the world think so. Here are just a few ways The Tube Tag can improve efficiency and compliance on your worksite:


When sling tags fall off, everything has to stop until a new sling is secured with a tag. The Tube Tag eliminates that downtime by simply never falling off.


When the sling tag falls off, the operator has to throw the sling away and/or get a new sling or tag from the rigging shop. The Tube Tag can save you money in the long run by reducing repeat sling and tag expenditures.


It is both a safety risk and a policy violation to use slings in the field without proper identification. By ensuring that your tags are securely attached–forever–you protect yourself and your workers from personal injury and liability.


Sling tags are important for connecting product information, specifications, certifications, and more directly to a specific sling. By ensuring the tags never fall off, you can reliably store and track that information for every sling on your worksite.

How to customize your Tube Tags

Unlike traditional sling tags, The Tube Tag is completely customizable. You aren’t restricted to standard tube sizes or lengths. Our team will collaborate with you to make sure your tag fits how you want it, stays where you want it, and says what you want it to say.

When ordering, you can specify which attachment option you need (Over the Sleeve or Over the Rope), what text or graphics to include, and your preferred process type for etching or engraving that information onto your tags. Our process type options include:

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching is the most durable and long-lasting process option for sling tags, and will ensure legibility for years or even decades. Our chemical etching process involves dissolving part of the material in acid, and the depth of the etch can vary from 0.0015” – 0.003.” 

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving is the second most durable process option after chemical etching. We use a rotating cutting tool to create a groove 0.003” – 0.007” into the substrate, then fill the engraved graphics with paint for greater legibility. If you’re ordering sling tags in bulk, rotary engraving is an especially cost-effective option. 

Laser Engraving

We use fiber or CO2 lasers to create durable metal marking for tags. You can choose fiber lasers if you want a more durable sling tag (since the laser engraves with greater depth), or CO2 lasers if you want a true black color but don’t need your sling tag to be as abrasion-resistant. 

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the least durable process type, so may not be the best choice for sling tags installed in abrasive, corrosive, or harsh industrial environments. However, it still creates a crisp, clear, and durable image for your tags.

Want to learn more?

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